L - Let's
G - Get Down
T - To
B - Business To Defeat The Huns
Li Shang: LeT's GeT dOwN tO bUsInEsS tO dEfEaT tHe HuNsSsSsS (LGBT)
by memelordsentmehere April 10, 2018
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“What is LGBT?”
Luigi Got Big Titties!”
by LGBT babe September 1, 2018
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lasagna garlic bread time



a time to eat lasagna and garlic bread
Person 1: hey, what time is it

Person 2: *checks watch* um, LGBT

Person 1: thanks.*pulls lasagna and garlic bread out of back pack*
by BOBBY_NUGGET March 17, 2018
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A short way of saying, Lemme, Get uhhhh, Boneless pizza wit a, Two liter coke.
G-Get uhhhh
B-Boneless pizza wit a
T-Two liter coke
Guy1:"hey you want pizza?"


Guy1:"what do you want?"


Guy1:"Wait what?"
by Goomzie June 25, 2017
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John * middle of class* -uhh Jake

Jake-what bro
John- its LGBT
Jake- ah shit bro quick put it in ur waist band
by cajigamanigga October 17, 2019
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