A rich, spoilt teenager who wears Tiffany, Morgan, Jane Norman, Kookai e.t.c. Usually wears fake nails, with too much foundation, which is sometimes orange. Says "Omigod" alot, and often puts on a whiney voice to gain attention. They often chew gum.
Beck 1: "Omigod i SO want that top."
Beck 2: "Babe, that is SO not your colour!"
by Gabby Louse August 17, 2006
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Yorkshire word for a stream or very small river.
May: See there the beck runs through the valley.

Pete: So can you get boats down there then?

May: Boats? You can't get swans down it!
by Dovefield November 03, 2009
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não sei se o beck me fuma ou sou eu é que fumo o beck

I dont know if the weed is smoking me or if im smoking the weed.
by Frank Crocker May 20, 2006
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Smart and idiotic. Brilliant to mundane. He can offer sharp debates as well as low-brow humor.
-Beck- is one happening dude.
by Scribble February 17, 2005
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An awesome dude who has a great personality and it is cute and gets a lot of girls
Girl : "OMG IT'S BECK!!!"
by Majesticdoggo69 June 03, 2020
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n. A shaggy metrosexual who can do no wrong in the eyes of hipsters, no matter how many genres of music he exploits or how many samples he steals.
Beck is the exception to the rule, because he never sold out; even when he did sell out.
by Camp Lickalotta March 10, 2008
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