1: A cool Kid who everyone wants to be or be with. Beck is a smart funny and athletic guy who is a great friend/ boyfriends.
2: A very talented musician who has great songs
1:Guy: It's my first day of school I hope I make friends with a Beck.
2:Guy: I wish I was lucky enough to be a Beck.
3:Musician: I wish I rocked like Beck
by Qualik January 08, 2013
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Full name: Beck David Hansen aka Beck Campbell (David)
born july 8th 1970 hes got all the information!!!
just check out his music..
and ... if you dont understand it then too bad for you.
Pro - Scientology.
Information is something you need to have in your life and the way to get it is by listening to Beck.
by satandra October 19, 2007
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a nickname for soccer star, David Beckham. He and his wife are infamously known as "Posh and Becks."
Dang, Becks is a very hot man. I wonder what Posh and Becks kids look like!
by Bran May 23, 2004
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This is completely, thoroughly, viscerally hip, cool, & dead-sexy. Like the musician, who emanates style, cool, and personal magnetism, its root and variants ("Beckish," "Becksy," etc.) are used as shorthand for someone who is drop-dead gorgeous or oozes sexual/physical energy.
Holy SHIT! Check out that (guy/gal) in the blue jeans. Totally Beck!

That low-cut blouse looks terribly Beckish on you.
by DanielNotDan July 12, 2019
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Beck is an absolute monster in the gym. From the bench press to the leg press, nobody can beat him. Beck will probably be the funniest person you will ever meet. Very successful in life career wise as well as with the ladies. Every man some aspire to be like Beck.
Wow i just had a conversation with Beck and he made me laugh within seconds. While we were talking I noticed how strong he was. I am so jealous!
by DonnieDuck22 February 17, 2019
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A super cool badass who is super sexy and really hot. All the girls like him and he gets very amazing grades. Everyone wants to date him and he is awesome.
via giphy
by Dankmemesminecrafter January 09, 2018
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