One who has a calling to work at a school teaching kids when they know full well it's a thankless, time-consuming, low-paying job, but they do it anyway because the pull is so strong they must teach.
One who teaches so as to get summers off.
Friend with a corporate job: Why on earth would you be a school teacher when you could make so much more working at your brother's law firm?
Me: I have to, it's my calling. At least being a school teacher gives me summers off!
by Ms. Lago February 28, 2018
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a job that is taken usually by someone with at least 4 years of training, yet somehow when you say "i don't understand" they can't teach you. (look at teachers statistics of kids have A's not very many, I thought they had 5 years of training on the subject of TEACHING). You might say well the kids don't pay attention, well they would if it was interesting and had pictures.
by BeatMeatRepeat June 11, 2018
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