The reply you will see under EACH and EVERY comment on YouTube. Usually written with the intention to get as many likes as possible if the original comment gets popular.
Timmy: Bro my Dog died.
Steve: F
Troll: Underrated
Timmy: *Punches the troll into his face*
by Peepeepoopoo from urbdic January 12, 2021
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A word that is horribly misused. YouTube comments tend to use this term a lot without actually knowing what it means. It means unrecognised or not valued highly enough not free internet points for something you like.
Video: Exists.
Idiot: OMG!!! SO UNDERRATED!! ☺️☺️
by Pimpleapps April 27, 2021
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A website, film, television show, book, etc that is so good that the public barely notices how good the product really is.
The film Children of Men is so good it's just too bad nobody is talking about it which makes it underrated.

by Mr. Jeff July 18, 2008
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Timber • ( search on youtube )

Something or someone that does not get as much love or attention as it/they deserve.
"Hey have you seen Timber's new Sleepykinq video?"
"No, I haven't, is it good?"
"Yes! It's amazing, they're so underrated!"
by Psychoshiyo aka Anubis May 22, 2020
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A word that's been thrashed into a meaningless cliché from overuse by lazy ignoramuses possessing tiny vocabularies.

As a result it has mutated into a destructive pathogen. Cases of rectal cancer and carbuncles on the forehead by users of the word are on the rise. Don't say no one warned you.

CDC and WHO have issued a joint pointed advisory and urge the public to share widely:

"Try harder. Open a fucking dictionary for once in your life, you smooth-brained irritating zombie imbeciles."
Bro that Urban Dictionary thing I seen sic is srsly no joke underrated ngl bro. Bro I should of sic listened bc now I got ass surgery next week and bro my forehead looks like a fucking mogul range bro.
by Deep State Stiv October 3, 2021
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When something (or someone) gets less appreciation then it should.
Daniel: "Bro, Keke's hugs are so underrated. They're so welcoming!"
Max: "Yeah, everyone says she sucks at hugs, but in reality, she's amazing at them!"
by coramey December 9, 2018
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Rappers who dont get enough attention
e.g. AZ, Jeru the Damaja, MF Doom
Hey have you listened to AZ hes basically 'NaS', very underrated
by Nasdoomaz February 15, 2018
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