"...went into the cheap B&B, when I pulled back my sheets to get on into bed found a dead woman there. So I come downstairs an' I throw her at the manager..."
-George the Angry Redneck
by Fugerko.? December 7, 2003
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when you get a Back rub and a Blow job.
hey babe, I had a really long day. B&B?
by codsleep December 21, 2019
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Ship-name, Booth&Brennen of a tv show called Bones.
B&B are the best couple on Bones! I can't believe you don't like them.
by YuvalMonster May 26, 2013
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Wow, she's got awesome B&B

Nikki Tyler & Jenna Jameson's got the best B&B. I would love to give their b&b good sucking & rimming !
by jaffrey August 17, 2005
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1. B&B is the codename for Bitches and Brews, it is always usefull when your in the public, and you do not want to reveal what you are saying, so you use this term hence B&B

2. B&B is also used when you dont really wanna go to some persons house for a party but then u think back "if theres B&B.... im down"

it makes everyones life easier
jimmy- "yo i dont think i wanna go to tommys house tonight"

timmy- "jimmy even if you dont like the kid, there still will be B&B's"

jimmy- "hmmmm... you have a good point Cernal"
by Hank Oswalt July 27, 2006
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An acronym for "Bullshit and Blasphemy". Used when one doesn't agree with an opinion or statement. Indicates that another's opinion is complete bullshit, a fallacy, a lie, etc.
Matt: Creationism needs to be taught in EVERY school as an alternative to evolution.

Chris: B&B.
by Nutterbutterz October 4, 2009
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To make simultaneous contact to the butt and balls with the hands in such a manner as to cause great discomfort. This is considered to have the most awkward effect of all nuttaps.
Ryan fell to the ground after I gave him the B&B.
by the hodgiest of the hodgies April 25, 2008
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