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1. A combination between "bear" and "very." Used to describe something that has very bear qualities.

2. An adjective to describe a large masculine gay man.
Ex 1) Me: "My Nala bear is such a good little bear"
Friend: "She's a beary good Fair Care Bear"

Ex 2) Me: "Look at that dude with the beard over there."
Friend: "Bro, he fucked my ass so hard the other night. I was just minding my own business, taking a piss in the bathroom at Danos off of 309, and this guy barges in, slams me face first on the ground and knocks out 3 of my teeth. When I wake up my whole is covered in fresh smeared shit. There's blood everywhere. I'm all confused and then I realize my pants are down and I'm getting railed out by this guy! He must've had at least a 11" cock because I could feel it thrusting against my diaphragm. His fucking dick is controlling my breathing. His grunts start getting louder. He grabs the back of my head and forces himself inside my mouth. It's a flash flood of hot cum pouring down my throat. I gag and can't breathe. Cum starts pouring out of my nose. There's tears streaming down my face. He pulls his dick out and instantly starts spraying piss all over me, like he's washing away the now pink fluid that's dripping from my mouth from all the blood and cum. Right before he delivers a hard elbow to my temple I cum the most I've ever cum in my life. I literally just woke up an hour ago with crusty cum all over my genitals.
Me: ?!
Friend: It was the best night of my life. He's beary.
by Buck Dickgraber February 01, 2019
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The cutest and most popular name for a stuffed bear in the world. Bearys are usually HUGE, furry, and hugable. Bearys can't talk so they use sign language to communicate. Tend to attract a lot of girls and attention. Bearys HATE washing machines.
Elisa: OMG! Is that a BEARY?
Meghann: Awhhh! Sooo cutee!!!!
Elisa: I WANT IT!
by BearyFan January 01, 2011
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adj. describes a person that likes to harm or murder other people using bear like tactics. some famous examples are the blubber clothesline, nerve twister, nose smasher, charge, and claw inthe back
by anonymous November 21, 2003
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