A "code" word used between guys to mean hooking up with a girl.
Guy 1: Hey, you down for working out at the gym tonight?

Guy2:Nah man, I'm playing scrabble with the girlfriend again.

Guy 1:Alright..
by scrabbleplayer69 February 27, 2010
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My granny said I couldn't come over cause she was playing scrabble with her boyfriend.
by Sheri' June 9, 2005
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making sweet sweet love, hip relations, nookie. used when trying to avoid telling friends about your love making.
"yo dude what do you and shirley do at night?"
"oh nothin man, just play scrabble."
by Kalzone H July 1, 2006
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When swinger couples hook up at someone's house not a big party usually 2 couples MAXIMUM of 3 couples
John and Jane were so nice we invited them over to play Scrabble the following Friday
by DJKOKC December 14, 2020
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