you just gotta do what you sposed to. nothing easier than that. #ttsm #sposedto #wolfshit #wolfie #kingthirstking #KYjell #ericpoosblood #swole
"do what you sposed to"
"gotta wear that snapback like you sposed to"
by LilWolfie #ttsm October 24, 2013
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An absolute fitty. Someone who you'd like to F. "She's alright I spose!"
Lads, I just witnessed absolute spose. Boys, spose, 12 o'clock. Or just, sppppppppoooooose!

One can also pump up the spose when one sees a spose by pretending to inflate something. For example a bike tyre or set of arm bands.
by Bloke49 April 18, 2019
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Dude, your girlfriend was railed vigorously and harmoniously by Spose last night.
by F4Records January 22, 2008
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slang for supposed used by lazy Internet addicts
I'm sposed to go to the party, but I dunno.
by Ni-Cole October 04, 2003
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Possibly the sickest rapper ever. Can be found in Wells, Maine. Just look for the purple smoke and listen for a flow that would make Eminem shit himself. Also, he uses proper English in his raps, and he is still better than anything on the radio.
I was bumping Spose while downing some Pabts Blue and smoking a bowl of that dank stuff.
by Jself September 24, 2013
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A subsitute for guess, half-heartedly giving a commitment
I spose I will go over to the Cheap Trick concert tonight.
by Eric Hartman July 12, 2003
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