The standard comeback to any sarcastic compliment. That is, "nice" should be changed to match the adjective they happened to use.
Ha, nice shirt.
Nice FACE.

I like your hair. *snicker.
I like your face. *snicker.
by Lauraaaaaaa August 25, 2005
A Greeting between friends used as a general "hello". If greeted it is improper to not replie. Generally is responded with the same greeting. It is Never to be used as a greeting to family or a stranger.
Boy1 *walks past friend*: Nice Face man
Boy2: Nice Face to you too.
by MagicOrange February 22, 2011
a person who naturally looks 'nice' or 'approachable' when their face is expressionless, without meaning to. Basically the opposite of 'resting bitch face'
"Yo, imma holla at that girl over there"
"Nah son. She just has resting nice face. Shes a mad hoe"
by IOnlyFuckWithSome January 25, 2015
A phrase used to obstruct, avoid or otherwise cut a conversation short.
Zack: Hello
Person 2: Nice Face Potter.
Zack: What?
Person 2: Nice Face Potter
Zack: I'm going now
Person 2: Nice Face Potter
by Scrimjaw January 3, 2012