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A gigantic hit of weed, so big that you can't stop coughing for a really long time, but after that, it's smooth sailing...
dang, Craig, if that hit were an animal, it would be a blue whale.
by p h i a October 27, 2006
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Code name for a Black person in West Virginia. Often used by people that don't want to call people a offending name,
by Austin1313 March 19, 2009
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When a individual is lying down on their front, and farts, as if it was from a whales blow-hole.

Works the best underwater however, for the full effect.
Gross! That was some blue whale you pulled, I could see the water shooting up!!
by Bradley w January 08, 2008
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A sex pose in which, you stab your eract penis into your female's nostril, keeping it there untill her face turns blue, then you pull it out and watch the flow of liquid from the nostril, just like a whale.
blue whale :

I 'blue-whaled' your mother last night. and she enjoyed it.
by a Marine biologist January 10, 2012
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BlueWhale or its more common name derived from the latin term "aronus fattius", was used by early 18th century settlers to divide the community into a fittness catagory strongly supported by darwins theory of survival of the fittest. Thus all blue whales were excluded from the community in order to filter out those who were ruining the october harvet through the mass consumption of crops.
by steve November 01, 2004
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when some asshole goes into the middle of a lake, drops thier swimming suits, lays out dookie
"dude, liam and bridget saw the blue whale that brendan took"
by desicraig July 02, 2009
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Blue whale is just a big ass animal, but now that there is an app for it, and SO many people think it's still around, it's a meme. I'm writing this on my school bus, and the guy behind me is screaming, "BLUE WHALE!!" It really is a meme.
1. Creepy suicide app
2. Meme
3. Big ass animal
4. BLUE WHALE!!!!!!!
by BLUE WHALE!!!! December 14, 2017
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