A gigantic hit of weed, so big that you can't stop coughing for a really long time, but after that, it's smooth sailing...
dang, Craig, if that hit were an animal, it would be a blue whale.
by p h i a October 27, 2006
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Blue whale is just a big ass animal, but now that there is an app for it, and SO many people think it's still around, it's a meme. I'm writing this on my school bus, and the guy behind me is screaming, "BLUE WHALE!!" It really is a meme.
1. Creepy suicide app
2. Meme
3. Big ass animal
4. BLUE WHALE!!!!!!!
by BLUE WHALE!!!! December 15, 2017
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When a individual is lying down on their front, and farts, as if it was from a whales blow-hole.

Works the best underwater however, for the full effect.
Gross! That was some blue whale you pulled, I could see the water shooting up!!
by Bradley w January 8, 2008
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when some asshole goes into the middle of a lake, drops thier swimming suits, lays out dookie
"dude, liam and bridget saw the blue whale that brendan took"
by desicraig July 2, 2009
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To absorb, accept and consume any and all exterior elements; in the same form as a blue whale feeds by opening its mouth and swimming, capturing any organism that is in its way.
Esteban is blue whaling on girls tonight. (meaning he will pursue, date, sleep with, any female that comes his way.)
by Ahab69 May 11, 2015
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A term used to describe when someone has screwed you over, out-smarted you or just basically made an idiot out of you. It was first heard being discussed by students at Canterbury Christ Church University: Thanet Campus. It was first coined after a certain teacher constantly gave suprise assingments, poor marking, and generally aimed to catch us out at every turn.
An example would be coming into University to find a deadline had been pushed back a week on the same day that we were given a new assingment. "Oh man, he's totally Blue Whaled us now"
by ChrisToffer101 June 7, 2009
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Def 1 (most extensive): The Blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus, Linnaeus, 1758) is a species of whale within the genus Balaenoptera and is considered my most scientists to be the largest animal to have ever exist as well as the largest mammal known to science. It is a Mysticete or Filter feeding Baleen Whale meaning it belongs to the taxonomic order of whales that do not have teeth but rather use a filter feeding plate like structures with hair like protrusions known as Baleen. The Blue whale is known to mostly feed on krill. Blue whales can reach a record 100 ft or 30.48 meters in over all legnth, but they tend to be slightly smaller than this. They also 100 tons (or at least some populations do with others being slightly less). They have a tounge the size of a car and a 397 lb heart (the largest of any Rorqual or any mammal for that matter). The Blue whale is said to have evolved during the Pleistocene era according to Gianucci et al 2019 and they proceeded to diversify into a few subspecies. Not a lot is known about blue whales and they seem to be endangered due to the whaling era.

Def 2: A sucide game in the eastern hemisphere

Def 3 : A comedic slam mostly used to take a jab at someones mother.

Def 4 (most important): IT IS YOUR MOTHER

Ref: Gianucci et al 2019, Mizroch et al 1984, Oxford dictionary, the flying spegghti monster himself!
Person 1: I heard Blue whales are in danger
Person 2: Quite sad, what an amazing sea creature
Person 1: No, I mean your moms in the hospital
by greyideas get edgy December 11, 2020
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