My father Charles 💅🏻🥰
My bare minimum did absolutely nothing for his kids this year! Same old same old!💕
by Heusuqjaksufhs February 19, 2022
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People who are easily impressed, if not infatuated, by basic tasks such as cooking, cleaning, being nice, etc.
Bare Minimum Twitter be like: He can cook?? Marry him sis there aren't many left!!!
by wokeassbitch00 January 27, 2018
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When a person gets an overwhelming amount of praise for doing the bare minimum of human decency.
They definitely got covered the bare minimum rule. They didn’t say “the N word” along with the song!

She didn’t say anything about that girl’s weight! good job with the bare minimum rule.

Wow, bare minimum rule. He went to the bar and didn’t hook up with a random chick that wasn’t his girlfriend!
by MiniGeekGirl June 27, 2020
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When you don't prioritize someone (usually someone you're dating) and/or their needs, so they become your bare minimum bitch because they're accepting the bare minimum from you.
Todd: Sorry I didn't text you back for 5 days, I was doing random shit for a few days lol

Taylor: Nuh uh, get the hell outta here with that BS. I ain't no bare minimum bitch!
by conecreame October 27, 2019
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One of the greatest clans and most skilled bandits on the world
Joey became a Bare Minimum Bandit and stole my milk carton, but not my milk.
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A colloquial North Eastern Italian-American cultural phrase that defines the very little, usually none at all, amount of work Italian-Americans do on Fridays. Very commonly used along the New York and New Jersey border where many Italian-Americans call home today.
Vincenzo: Hey Johnnie what are you doin' today?
Johnnie: Whadaya mean Vinny? It's a fuckin' Bare Minimum Friday!
by Dakintosh January 15, 2022
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