A irrisitable chick magenet, one who accels in the fields of action sports. He is dangerous when it comes to contending for females. He has an abnormaly large penis and is dynomite in bed
Dont look at Johnnie! You wont be able to look away!!
by alyson111111111 November 9, 2010
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Johnnie, John, j,

Is a very talented individual, he speaks from the heart, he can be very genuine and likes to help people. He is often known for bridging people together. He is peaceful and calm but he also knows how to party and be a total goofball. He’s stylish and knows exactly what to wear to drive the ladies crazy. He’s chill and relaxed I’m just the right way to make you want to get to know him and feel secure around him. He knows how to treat a lady. He lives for his family. He’s into outdoors and sports and is a great athlete and teammate. He loves the outdoors.
Johnnie loves the outdoors
by Palmtree beach 🏖 April 13, 2019
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A men who is very strong in the mind he have beautiful eyes that can see right thru you he dont trust that many people around him he would be down to get in a fist fight if have to this man would be something big one day once he in your life it hard to get him this man is very at good sports
The man johnnie have a lot in him very tuff in the heart loves the one around very goofy
by Kendom August 14, 2018
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The name of a beautiful and strong woman. Sweet Sassy sexy with a lot of naughty thrown in. An example of lady stud to its best.
Omg. Look at that hot ass woman! She’s a real Johnnie.
by kennclie August 20, 2019
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A drunk asshole who gets pulled over at 108 mph and loses his job all over his ex gf
Don't be a Johnnie
by Cheeko February 11, 2017
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A super goofy girl who can make taking a picture like a pro look like a baby messing with a camera. You will never take your eyes off of her when she's around. And you'll be glad u have her in your life
Man I love Johnnie so much
by Arcanoffirw October 5, 2017
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A Johnnie is a very gay individual who likes dick in their booty hole, they also tend to say things that they never act on, they like to go for the fattest and ugliest bitches, they also have the worst taste in women and have extremely low standards. Their dick will literally go into anything that has a hole. Johnnies typically see themselves as tough and healthy, but in reality they are lazy fucking slobs who don’t do shit but a play games on their consoles and have dad bodies around the age of 16 and above. Johnnies are also insecure about themselves cause of past relationships and rejections from females who have better to do with their lives. A johnnie is basically a feminine version of John they also tend to have vaginas so don’t be surprised if a johnnie tells you he has a esthetically large cock and you end up seeing a vagina. Overall a johnnie is just an L.
Is that a johnnie over there I bet you he has a vagina

Johnnie is so insecure nowadays he lies so much about his life

Johnnie never works out anymore just sits at home and plays games and fingers himself and smells it after
by Shadiiii April 29, 2019
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