a person without education , culture or refinement


a foreigner
look at him ! he's totally Barbarian .
by GatDat March 20, 2009
The large and burly race who live in Halas or Harrogath and wield massive weapons and kill everyone and eat their victim's BONES!
Dude, Golrath the Barbarian just like totally ripped that guy's head off and ate his bones. Sweet.
by Golrath the Barbarian July 6, 2003
The superior race. Barbarians are large and muscular and are very good at most tasks. Barbarians are either really nice guys and help out anyone who needs help, or really malevolent who kill whole towns and eat their victims' bones. They live in the north and wear traditional Barbarian clothes like kilts and leather boots. They're very good at combat (among pretty much every other activity ever)
"I am Xantor, the Barbarian!"
by Xantor the Barbarian July 3, 2003
Weed that is very potent that one hit would fucked you up in a sec and bring you down for hours only true stoners have every held this type of weed its mostly the haze type especially the Barbarian Piff
Chino nd suuwoop dan had picked up cesar 2 go spark up wit jim nd jim had sum FIREE!!

SUUWOOP DAN: Damn jim wat is dis

JIM: Its sum Barbarian

CHINO: Dat Barbarian PiFF !!!
by BPTTOPGUNNA May 7, 2009
Also known as Beserkers, the Barbarian is a Warrior who uses brute force as a weapon. The Barbarian is by no means at all very intelligent, but it is extremely skilled at killing nonetheless. The Barbarian is best known for his battle rages. As the battle rages on, the Barbarian can let out an earth-shaking roar that allows him to access the hidden strangth within him. Thus, the Barbarian is even more ruthless and more powerful. One interesting thing to note is that no Barbarian has ever surrendered.
The Barbarian struck the man in the stomach with so much force, that his arm penetrated the man's stomach, and came out the other side.
by Detranova August 6, 2003
A guy stuck in the 12th century AD.
The guy talked slow but he wasn't stupid, he was just a barbarian.
by Solid Mantis May 12, 2019
A highly uneducated, incredibly stupid and ignorant individual, they often boast huge muscles because working out is one of the only things they are intellectually capable of doing. They enjoy four things in life and four things only, getting jacked, eating meat, making the lives of civilised intellectuals as difficult and miserable as possible and, of course, having sex with women. It’s a blissfully ignorant way of life, they can be found everywhere in the world, but are most commonly found in rural and remote towns that nobody cares about, thankfully away from the important, civilised big cities, but are a horrible factor for any rare civilised intellectual unfortunate enough to live in a place like that.
She bought some fucking asshole into my house and he DID A SHIT on my bathmat like a FUCKING ANIMAL! There’s really only one word you can use to describe him, he’s a fucking Barbarian!
by Lord Davrox August 11, 2020