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When a person is very high or drunk til the point were they are happy and feel extreme pleasure.
Chino and Cesar were feeling nice saturday night when everyone left the house and they were sippin on some yac and they had some barbarian piff....
by BPTTOPGUNNA April 23, 2009
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Weed that is very potent that one hit would fucked you up in a sec and bring you down for hours only true stoners have every held this type of weed its mostly the haze type especially the Barbarian Piff
Chino nd suuwoop dan had picked up cesar 2 go spark up wit jim nd jim had sum FIREE!!

SUUWOOP DAN: Damn jim wat is dis

JIM: Its sum Barbarian

CHINO: Dat Barbarian PiFF !!!
by BPTTOPGUNNA May 06, 2009
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