Coming down pull the puck to the middle in a dangling motion then proceding to snipe with out mercy off the crossbar and into the net
Phil and Deke sniped Ferbs BAR DOWN everyday
Danny Mattson goes BAR DOWN like Jesus Christ
Heater cannot skate and does not go bar down
Mike bosco goes bar up cause he doesnt know what its like to go down on something
by Deke Johnson August 11, 2007
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When a water polo player shoots the ball at such an angle and speed that the ball hits the upper or side bars and goes straight down, making it difficult for a goalie to block. A bar down, or bar in, is one of the best shots in water polo, as well as the most difficult to do.
"Dude, Tom just hit another bar down!"
"No way, he's playing so well right now!"
by XBar707 December 29, 2011
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A term stemming from hockey that means to do something in exuberant fashion (as in hockey, where scoring off the crossbar is going "bar down").
Guy A: Dude, are you still on the same beer? Bar Down!
Guy B: BAR DOWN! *proceeds to chug beer*

Guy A: What'd you do this weekend?
Guy B: Took a little vacay, went bar down on some skiing
by BeastShow December 30, 2010
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When you are playing soccer and nutmeg someone, but on the way through, it hits them in the nuts
I just bar bar downed you!”
by Dillon T May 6, 2018
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a friend who when he drinks becomes so intollerably incapacitated that he cant act even remotelt reasonably or rationaly
dont bother with Big B right now, the cunts got the bar downs sir....
by frank le tank July 2, 2017
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When you stay at a bar so late that they kick you out so they can finish cleaning and count down the register.
"I'm exhausted this morning. Me and some friends closed the bar down last night."
by HailSatan2469 August 20, 2013
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When you're out bar-hopping until the wee hours of the morn moving from a bar that's closing to a later-closing-bar until it's just time to call it a night and bang somebody. Event usually occurs from about 2AM to 4AM.
Hey, Saturday, what say you we close the bars down?
by D-Bruch October 16, 2009
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