11 definitions by D-Bruch

Guy 1: "Hey, where you at?"
Grant Walker: "I'm over here at Dick Shmeegal's getting a Big-and-Nasty and a side of fries."
by D-Bruch December 31, 2007
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We don't have time to dillyfuck up here, we have to get back soon. - A-Ray
by D-Bruch January 11, 2009
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When you're out bar-hopping until the wee hours of the morn moving from a bar that's closing to a later-closing-bar until it's just time to call it a night and bang somebody. Event usually occurs from about 2AM to 4AM.
Hey, Saturday, what say you we close the bars down?
by D-Bruch October 15, 2009
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Money. Dollar Bills. Scratch, Skrilla, Moolah, Dough, Paper, Ducats, Cheese, Green, Dead Presidents, Greenbacks, Yaper, Cashish, Spinach, Jacksons, Grants, Benjamins...You get the idea.
Maaan, I would hit the titty joint with you guys, but I already spent that fat wad of Scrooge McDuck Paper.
by D-Bruch November 06, 2006
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The level of your gangster-ness. A higher level meaning the more gangsta you are.
Man, I just copped the new benz off the showroom floor. My gangsticity just went up 3 points.
by D-Bruch November 08, 2006
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