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Main Entry: 1.bano
Pronunciation: \ba'h-no\
Etymology: Arabic bano; akin to Old English bahnoh and Pakistani origin as well.
Date: December of 1988

1. A very cool individual whom most look up to in a variety of ways and who has an influence on society and the people that reside in the cities in which the individual is from.

2. To be hip.

3. A honorable mention.
Woahhhh, is she Bano!??!

Dayummmmmm, yeah she iss!!!!! =D

^Thats an example :)
by hipassness November 15, 2009
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When someone, usually a friends dad makes a joke due to something stupid or a pointless joke that really is just a pun
desi-hey dad look its josh cutter!
dad- dont give him a razor blade!
that is a bano
by marc craven January 31, 2008
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Common mispelling of the term banjo, used as an excuse for writers error.

Also used in reference to a friend.
Mark: bano
FW: you need more rest dude its got a "J" in it
Mark: nope, thats my new one
Mark: I do need more rest mate but i've moved on to bano
FW: I approve of this product and or service
Mark: youre not a small stringed instrument from the porches of america anymore
Mark: You're a spanish bathroom
FW: I'm putting this one on urban dictionary right now
by Fyrewyre June 10, 2008
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