someone who's soo great at something that they dont get a prize they get honorable mention because theyre that amazing :)
person 1- Oh, hey did you hear on the announcements dan go honorable mention?

person 2- no way dans the man

person 1- yeah thats such a rare accomplishment!

person 2- i wish i was dan
by b'nanacoolio November 13, 2010
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another word for last place in a contest or race, also used for a position very near last place. it is often used by the family and friends of the "mentioned" as they congratulate his/her effort
Example 1
Person 1: "Poor Stan recieved an honorable mention in the local marathon."
Person 2: "Really? He was running all around the neighborhood for the past month in his new Addidas clothes..."

Example 2
Person: "Mary! How did that chili competition go?"
Mary: "I did pretty well, the judges seemed to love it, and I recieved an honorable mention."
by Sprocket33 February 24, 2010
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