Big Mexican Woman (BMW)
Is the beautiful vehicle you drive your children to school with, it is the perfect vehicle, it honks when you pull the right place, it even has a voice translator, although it only speaks in spanish, but perfect for picking up the ladies ;) if your late for work, just drive the big mexican woman and you'll get their in no time, you don't need fuel, just pack a burrito and you'll be fine
OH MY MOTHER OF GREASY BACON that boy got himself one of dose big mexican womans, damn girl they be expensive, lets check him out
by The Fucking Government May 31, 2015
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abbreviated as (BMW) Man who is hispanic. Usually very hard, long, and thick. Very great for doggy style sex, etc.
I know she just wants me for my "BMW". or I like that mexican guy over there because i know he has that "Big Mexican Weenie."
by slowpain March 19, 2010
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A Mexican who is typically large, has long hair under his/her arms, and fails to take showers.
Man, he had the Feds at his house in the middle of a shower! They must have been looking for a big bad Mexican.
by Ice__burg June 30, 2015
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Used to stop a mexican form saying something that will make you look bad.

This will usually make you look better at the same time.
Mexican to group of John's friends-" Hey el pacho I saw at that taco bar with those gay strippers last night."

John-"Oh look at this big fat silly mexican! Soon he will have enough money to go cross the border back to his family!

Crowd of friends- "Ha you're the best John!"
by matt1the3beast July 3, 2011
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The name for that one mexican in the group who is by far the best looking, coolest, most absurdly rad guy with a huge penis and a hot girlfriend
"Yo, wheres big mexican daddy"
"He's out fucking 12 girls including your mom"
by Big Mexican Daddy December 11, 2019
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