A term largely used, and possibly even invented by YouTube Guitar Hero player, jameslikecoulter.
ex. "Yeah, that song is like pretty chill."
by Darkmaster2110 June 30, 2009
A phrase created by Pharaoh that positively refers to a situation or series of events in a reluctant manner.
"Why does he feel the need to do the clapping thing after winning a game?"

"It's because he thinks congratulating himself is cool."

"That's pretty chill, I guess."
by Mr. Gach March 6, 2013
Derives from the yo dudes the empire is pretty chill meme in febuary of 2021, which involves a cgi Darth Vader saying "yo dudes the empire is pretty chill". It means exactly what it says
by Advis Orem April 5, 2021
The act of placing your fist in ice, bringing down the temperature, prior to shoving it up another man’s anus.
I’m going to Connors tonight, I though it was just a hang it, but it might be pretty chill.
by Canned Beef April 2, 2019