An Irish colloquial term meaning one of several things

1) Broken, beyond repair

2) Tired, worn out, out of breath

3) Drunk, inebriated

4) Not functioning correctly
" Can ya give me a jont home mate? Me bleedin' honda civic is banjaxed again "

" i'm after runnin' all the way here.. and now i'm banjaxed "

" Been in the pub all after-noon mate, craic was ninty, but now i'm too banjaxed to drive "
by paulred2 July 1, 2009
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Broken, ruined; can also mean tired
"Bollocks! Me Capri is banjaxed!"

"Jaysus, after that lifting them bricks all day I'm bleedin' banjaxed"
by Dan Josuttno December 21, 2004
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Irish term meaning to break, beat to hell, or destroy.
The fecker run into me on the roundabout; me car was banjaxed.
by Cannoneo February 5, 2006
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Broken down with little hope of recovery.
"Will you be able to get the car fixed?"
"No, it's totally banjaxed."
by Johnny S. April 1, 2003
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You will have to wait a little for those prints. Our copy machine is banjaxed. A tech is working on it.
by talk2me-JCH2 July 6, 2022
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a term often used to describe incredible drunkeness. normally used in retrospect however in some prolonged cases of intoxication subjects have been found to admit to being "banjaxed."
"Was last night any good?"
"Not sure, i was banjaxed man."
by riichard buss February 5, 2003
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