1-Criminal act in which the perpetrator uses or threatens to use violent force upon the victim.

2-iTunes new pricing system.
1-Man, this bitch came up to me and beat my balls with a crowbar. That's what I call violent crime.

2-Wow, I had to pay $1.29 for that new Brittney Spears song. Since when was she worth $1.29? Violent crime, man, violent crime.
by 3xoskeleton January 13, 2010
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A person who apologizes to a violent criminal who is incarcerated.
She's such a flawed violent crimes apologist.
by Mr. Robotron March 31, 2019
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Its the holiday for those fed up, disgusted or just plain tired of Valentines Day. Some people do commit these acts on Valentines Day but we don't suggest it.
Instead of celebrating Valentines Day we will say Happy Violent Crimes Day instead. Someone will act this out for receiving wrong gift, or no gift at all. Especially if said person has no one to share this day with.
by PhoenixRa February 2, 2009
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