Keep these white people out of Harlem, this is just for blacks! Segregation ended against us but we are bringing it back baby.
by By Felicia I’m Alicia January 12, 2021
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Segregation is when people split into different factions of race such as blacks, whites,Asian and pakis they will then have gang fights and occasionally gang bangs to see who the superior race is
by Niglet GOD March 29, 2017
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Something that separates people by their race or color
" I hope that segregation doesn't happen again "
" yeah I remember when it happened happy MLK stopped it"
by PuppyFace0322 February 1, 2017
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putting people or things apart from the rest because of color or size.
by Anonymous October 8, 2003
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Procedure taken when it is easier to break people off into autonomous groups rather than attempt any sort of compromise, understand, or advancement of society. Often politically advantageous due to appealing to small minds, and exaggerates all previous issues that led to the segregation in the first place.
People of different colours are rape and pillage our towns and detroy our moral culture, so we should use segregation to keep them away from us. Note the idiocy of such a claim
by Stuart October 12, 2003
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a beautiful thing. it comes in 2 forms wrongful as in african aparteid and the american segregation which was blatant discrimination. and the rightful as in the north of ireland 2 peoples not living side by side not because of political or racial agression or influence its because we hate them as much as they hate us, its just a pity there is no massive walls to keep them away from us.
segregation for the north of ireland is good and the way its always been and should be
by da original playa June 2, 2006
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When having anal sex with a girl using her shit as lube you cum inside of her and she lets it drip on the table... Black and white
by MartinLuther&MalcolmX November 17, 2011
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