A street where prostitutes ply their trade, derived from its original useage as a common Medieval street name.

In the Middle Ages it was not uncommon for an English street name to reflect it's function or economic activity, for example Butchers Lane or Silver Street.

Gropecunt Lane was often located in the busiest part of Medieval Cities. During the 15th and 16th centuries these streets had their names changed as prostitution became outlawed and the word "cunt" came to be viewed as an offensive expletive.

The last recorded use of Gropecunt Lane as a street name was in 1588 in Newcastle.
"Hey man..my balls are itching!"
"I told you to stay away from Gropecunt Lane"

"I drank too much last night and ended up having my dick sucked in Gropecunt Lane"
by completehouse May 09, 2010
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