Deriving from international origins, but most currently represented as a modern, strong, Catalan male. When one meets a Gerard, if not stunned by his curious eyes and subtle, seductive stare that see's through your soul the moment you meet, you'll find him very friendly, open, but ironically mysterious at the same time. He'll learn you quickly, but you'll have to study him slowly... A person so dynamic needs time to open up, like a flower that blooms when it gets the right elements and attention showered upon it. He'll drive you mad with desire, only to keep you guessing if all that passion you felt was an illusion. Everything with him feels intensely intriguing, because his mind is profoundly ironic. He'll challenge you, charm you, test you, teach you, and take you moments that bend your mind, heart, body and soul. Deep like the ocean, cool as the air, humble like the earth, and passionate like fire. Gerard is the dangerous man our mothers warned us about, because once you meet a Gerard, your life has changed forever.
She met a Gerard, now there's no going back to regular men.
by SweetSmileSoftLips June 16, 2017
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The funniest person ever he is super nice. But also can get mean he is someone who loves the person he is in a relationship with. He also is weird sometimes but still lovable and sweet.
OMG he is such a Gerard .
by I’myourfather❤️ October 8, 2019
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THE BEST FRIGGIN SINGER ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET! He has amazing vocals and, as a person, when he speaks its from the heart. Not to mention his good looks. =
Gerard is the singer of MCR.
by IronMaidenIsLove August 14, 2008
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a kid with lack of self control, but funny as shit, and thinks every joke has sexual innuendo. Hes good at all sports and has tons of friends and gets all the chicks. Hes smart and will end up at a good college. Gerard is french for "huge dick." A gerard usually gets a ton of girls.
Dude, look its Gerard - that kid is so hot and funny.
by Jezus Christ January 14, 2009
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Did you hear ? What ? Gerard has a twelve incher .
yeah I know.
by johno980 May 3, 2011
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A person who seems incredibly sensible and mature. But when they have a couple of units of alcohol in their bloodstream, turn into mad, gullible, fun-loving idiots.
"Look at him flying down the hill on that office chair!"
"I know, he's a right Gerard!"
by Cheeksachu November 8, 2012
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A gerard basically means the cutest and most romantic guy ever to exist. The kind of guy who would give his girlfriend a diamond ring on Valentine's day just because.
"Gerard gave Janie the most amazing ring. She's so lucky to have him as a boyfriend. "
by Litlgirl00 March 14, 2017
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