After Louis was decapitated he had no place to hang his hat.
by Madler September 25, 2005
The most effective option in the curing and prevention of headaches.
My wife kept complaining about headaches, so she tried decapitation, and she hasn't complained since.
by PhantomHeadPain September 11, 2010
the removal of the head which normally consists of some idiot hacking off the head with an axe directed in the neck area.

also it can mean to lose ones limbs. via other methods to so watch out for the axe wielding maniac behind you!!!!!!
death by decapitation.

haha your head fell off

ur wiener has been decapitated

she bit so hard i endured my pecker being decapitated by her crooked snaggly teeth
by neal + kev July 18, 2006
when the alpha male bites the head of a giggle stick a little while being thrusted by a black man going balls deep, and when it hurts, he bites down hard causing it to pop off like decapitation.
fenno decapitated holla whilst grace was teaching fenno the Heimlich's maneuver if you know what i mean
by diddy kong March 28, 2007
I see why that motherfucker is dead, his head is laying way the fuck over there, about 10 feet from the rest of his body. That was a bad case of somebody getting decapitated, the doctor won't be able to fix him up.
by Solid Mantis January 23, 2021
A decapitation is the complete seperation of the head from the body. In humans and most other animals, death will always result from such injury.
Judge: You are being executed by decapitation!
Criminal: Damnit.
by Oxler_Psycho April 28, 2017