*not for sleeping in*

a male garment used to hold the "hardboys"
Crap, this banana hammock is riding up my ass.
by matty matt matt February 13, 2006
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A secret Gentlemen's Club ritual that occurs every new year in which high-classed men will group together and 'wiggle' to "I'm sexy and I know it," by LMFAO, in nothing but a pair of banana hammock undergarments.
Famous actor Johnny Depp has attended only one banana hammock jamboree.
by Demetrius Petitt January 23, 2015
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A man in an overly tight speedo, man thong, or tightly fitted spandex shorts.
George: "Hey James, those extremely cropped spandex shorts really accentuate your package!"

James: (smiling broadly and proud) "I was going for that "Mike in the banana hammock" look. (James winks).
by Laurasia79 April 30, 2016
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Banana Hammock. When a guy penetrates the clitorous of a woman to the point of extreme inflamation, therefore- a banana hammock is present between the "lips" of the vagina, resulting in a bulge in ones bathing suit trunks. Banana Hammock.
1)Damn, dude that pussy's poppin....literally.
2) do do di do do BANANA HAMMOCK
by Ivarrrrrrr April 16, 2009
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a phrase used between guys to tell one another to check out one girl or another
hey vince banana hammock at 5 o'clock
by jack meoff November 24, 2004
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When a CoD or Halo clip is so insanely, mind-bogglinly terryfying that it makes you think about a banana hammock. If this lasts for more than 10 minutes, then you're probably wearing a banana hammock. This saying was invented by tejbz, a swedish youtuber.
Peter- Holy crap dude! Did you see that guy's 1080 cross-map no-scope headshot?!?!

Bob- Holy fuck, that was banana hammock terryfying!
by Poky the bear November 21, 2010
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a salina banana-hammock is a heart crusher, one or crushes you heart without remorse
i got salina banana-hammocked the other day by this girl i dig.
by thierry14arsn July 31, 2006
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