n. Dialect and accent used in Baltimore, especially in the Dundalk area, characterized by a nazalised "oh" vowel ("hoem" and "phoen" for "home" and "phone"), dropped consonants ("bawlamer" or "bawlmer" for "Baltimore"), and catch-phrases like "doen'cha knoe, hon."
n. A person who speaks using the dialect, and behaves in a characteristic manner, such as rabid fandom of the Baltimore Orioles, walking down the middle of the street when there is a perfectly good and clear sidewalk, eating bushels of whole soft-shelled crabs doused with Old Bay seasoning, etc.
Listen to the song "Crabs For Christmas" for a definitive rendering of Baltimoron.
Get out of the middle of the street, you Baltimoron!
by Dan Weyandt October 4, 2007
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Someone who spends their entire life in the same city block or neighborhood of "The Greatest City in America." It may be a shithole, but it's home... Hon.
True Baltimorons can't eat crabs without a pitcher of Natty Boh.
by RealMcRoy August 5, 2019
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1 - n. the regional dialect of Baltimore, Maryland, in which syllables are often dropped and multiple words contracted into indistinct, mumbled phrases.
2 - n. persons speaking the regional dialect of Baltimore, Maryland. (affectionate term, used with respect)
1 - Baltimorons commonly call all members of the opposite sex "Hon," short for "honey."
2 - "Gone downy o-shun" is the phrase used to describe "Going down to the ocean (Ocean City)" for a vacation.
3 - "Wayoo ain calmee" is the urban Baltimore equivalent of "Why haven't you called me lately?"
by Michael Gannett February 14, 2006
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A person from Baltimore that takes offense to it being called a shithole. THEM KNOWING IT IS A SHITHOLE.
"Did you hear about Trump calling Baltimore a dangerous place and a dump?"

"Yeah all the Baltimorons are taking offense"
by PRPatriot July 28, 2019
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(n) a resident of Baltimore, esp. one who puts Old Bay in his coffee

Related word: Baltimoronic (adj)
At Orioles games, Baltimorons always like to desecrate the National Anthem by screaming "O!" in the middle of it.
by BeardedFatass January 6, 2004
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