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The state of being extremely drunk, to the point where you are extremely vulnerable and have to completely rely on your friends to look after you.

Derived from the amazing Scottish kids TV show where all the actors are constantly 'oan wan'

to be 'balamoried'.

I am balamoried
you are balamoried
he/she/it is balamoried
We are balamoried
They are balamoried

Alternative words/phrases: mwi, drunk, steaming, pished, fucked, ruined, wrecked, shit faced, oot yer tree etc.

'Mind that time we shat in case we never got into the Barras because we were all balamoried oot our skulls?'

'I was absolutely balamoried at the weekend and I'm still hangin, never again man'

'Fuck drinking responsibly, we're getting balamoried'
by reallifequeen October 29, 2014
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