mad wae it, to be totally steamin (pissed) or buzzin on sumthin.
hawhawhaw i wis mwi last night likes
by ABUAMBZA January 18, 2008
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Means - "Mad wae it" / "Mad with it"
To be drunk or full of drungs, most likely to be drunk.
John: "Coming to get mwi this weekend?"
Rydo: "Aye moan, get heavy rat arsed"

Lauren: "You're mwi !"
Brogan: "I know, i'm steamin !"
by Pseudonym202020 September 9, 2011
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girl 1: did you date each other before he went to prison?
girl 2: no, we're mwi.
by snugglefrump October 17, 2011
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'Mad Wae It'

to be incredibly drunk
used in West Scotland, mainly Glasgow.
'aww man a was proper MWI last night eh?'
by weeegiemaaan May 14, 2010
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When You Are Mwi You Are Drunk Or Steamin
I Was Mwi Last Night
by JakeyBumTumm August 25, 2007
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Man With Ideas. Particularly in the academic context, a brilliant professor or researcher who continuously generates new ideas instead of doing the same research over and over again.
I would work with Prof. Jenkins, he's an MWI!
by droswenw September 28, 2011
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Myspacing While Intoxicated. The act of going on myspace while under the influence of pot, alcohol, or any other drug.
Nikol: Wtf were you talking about?
Me: Sorry, i was MWI, lol.
by benny_boi March 12, 2009
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