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The decent excuse to watch kids tv when you are working from home.
The cast concern me greatly. Nice to see that the Beeb has managed to keep every politically correct section of society at bay for the time being.

Miss Hoolie - Hairstyle has been set with hairspray that wouldn't move in a force 9 gale. Obviously designed for Scotland. Only wears shades of green and waves at everyone. Seems to unwittingly control the lives of everyone in Balamory so I can only assume some form of mafia protection thing going on.

PC Plum - Line dances...

Spencer - Got bored and just painted houses any colour he pleased.

Edie - Maniac driver if the opening titles are anything to go by. 60mph to a dead stop in less than a second. PC Plum doesn't even book her.

Archie - Pink castle, what next... an invention that works perhaps?

Josie Jump - Tries to get everyone fit. She is losing to the deep fried everything culture she is living in.
by jaseb June 06, 2004

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