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A person named Edie is generally a very trustworthy friend, although confused and annoyed by unfaithfulness, she can become a very close person, she has difficulty telling secrets to even trusted friends but is valued overall
by A Llama October 17, 2012
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Is an English name with some Irish roots good looker and most calm her fit. Her name means rich gift and that explains her personality and appearance!
Boys 'she's is fit af come on let's go and talk. I wonder if she's single'
Girls 'I like Edie she's really kind I think I should talk to her more often
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Edie's are always extremely fit female's with a great sence of humor and a great attatude she can often get a little hyper and can be fisty when she needs to be she's a one of a kind girl and often gets called Eddie because of the way people read he name. Edie's are userally one of the kindest people you will ever meet but are never the best of spellers she is a GREAT kisser and hugger and will often try to flirt with people. Edie's are well know for the kindness and friendship.
Boys opinion 'wow look at Edie she's so fit lets go and talk to her'

Girls oppinion ' she's sooo lucky #shegetstheboys and she doesn't even need makeup to look pretty urg she's so lucky'

Girls that are bitches 'how is she getting the boys yh I get she has nice hair and all but seriously save some for us....'
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to do an 'edie' is to generally own, rinse and mentally overpower someone through the art of arguing. Opponents such as ex boyfriends are left lost for words, as all their attempts to argue back are met with witty or sarcastic comments that are ultimately true.
'did you hear about clarah's argument with dec? she did an edie and completely owned him'
by moose2002 July 19, 2009
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