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Balamory is a completely insane scotland-based show designed for pre-school children, but has managed to gain a cult following from all ages.

The show revolves around the small island comminity Balamory in Scotland. Is incredibly hilarious when watched with the sign language dude. -imitates-

Miss Hoolie appears in every episode and the nursery worker, and has very creepy eyes, annoyingly perfect hair and an equally annoying voice.

Archie the inventor IS THE BEST CHARACTER (just to clear anything up. -points at Jenhen and laughs-) He makes "inventions" from cardboard and yoghurt pots and all sorts of random shit. Lives in a pink castle and wears a lot of pink. Has man breasts.

PC Plum is the resident policeman and is a complete twat. Quite obviously has a thing for Miss Hoolie. Is not the best character, though he is sweet. -pats him on the head-

Josie Jump just annoys the hell out of me with her insane bounciness. So I'm writing nothing. NOTHING AT ALL. NOTHING TO SEE HERE MOVE ALONG 8D

Spencer is the painter and musician on the island, though he can play bugger all and can't even fake playing the guitar properly.

Edie McCredie is the annoying bitch who drives some random bus and apparently has travelled around the world.

Susie Sweet and Penny Pocket own some sort of shop-cafe-thing that always has just what the customer wants right at the front of the shop. Convenient, eh?
Balamory is not just for little kids! Us teenagers can watch it too!
by Fuyuko May 02, 2004
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