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a whiny brooding person that listens to shitty music and spends all their time whining about life.
"Sarah, don't be such a fucking emo kid"
by kitty July 31, 2004
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The online version of sexual contact. Where there is no real contact, all interactions occur via the internet. Can also describe "cybering."
Me and my Pal 00_sekseh participated in some hot Esex last night.
by kitty March 2, 2005
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To be so hardXcore, AweXome, or sXe that you're appleXcore.
"I'm appleXcore, so blow me."
by kitty April 2, 2005
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Someone who thinks they are goth, but in fact are just as mainstream as preps. They only listen to Marilyn Manson, Korn, etc and no real hardcore bands.
Mansonites are only a step above posers
by kitty August 21, 2003
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it's not marshmallow, it's marshmellow damn it, david.
marshmellow ^_^
by kitty April 2, 2004
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Justyn's undeniably emo penis.
Julio was feeling very down yesterday, when he looked at ugly German people.
by kitty February 28, 2005
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Carl had to go to a clinic becasue of his medomalocuphobia.
by kitty January 28, 2005
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