Ussually used to describe either amazing tits or booty.
Dude, check out that chicks badonkadonks!
by fatcat16 May 27, 2006
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Referred to as having a big booty. Or a real fat @$$ a.k.a apple bottom.
"And think you can handle this ba-donka-donk donk!" - Missy Elliot "Work It"
by Don't worry bout it biotch! August 10, 2004
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a thick delicous booty that giggles like jello if it moves a tiny bit and it makes even gay guys drewl at the sight of it
j-lo has a badonkadonk
by john December 03, 2003
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When the immense, rounded muscle tissue of the rear creates a sound wave ripping through the local environment making a pressure wave against the ear drum in a pleasing Ba-dOnk-a-dOnk rhythm.
Dr. Whitey, did you happen to notice that "badonkadonk" on your secretary?
by Dr. Whitey March 12, 2004
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