An ass of Goddess quality. Absolute ambrosia level ass, off the international 'Bootyscale'. Hell yeah!

CANNOT be a skinny assed ass under any circumstances.
"Hey gangster Bernie! Checkout that Badonkadonk ass over there right next to the baxketball court!"
by Cret January 23, 2004
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an extra extra nice ass, bubble butt or hot booty
a guy sees a girl walk past who has an extra fine ass and says to his mate
guy-"i wouldn't mind putting my thumb in that"
mate-"yeah thats what i call a badonkadonk"
by hendelicious April 03, 2006
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A womens derriere that has the shape of, and bounces like a basketball. The word is derived from the sound produced when you bounce a basketball. A case of the sound of one urban icon, naming another urban icon with similar propensities but that doesn't really make a sound.
Nice badonkadonk sista!
by maddmatt February 13, 2006
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An amazingly large buttocks with exceptional bounce and shape. Particularly found on African American, Latino, and German/Irish women.

Known to bring tears to men's eyes. May also cause traffic accidents and random male harassment.
by The Book of Revelations January 28, 2010
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