a noun or adjective relating to a woman's pleasantly round ass.
noun: check out that girl's ba-donka-donk.
adjective: she's got a ba-donka-donk ass.
by elizabeth November 04, 2003
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a bodonka donk, is a big azz. usually a african american woman or latina.
buzz: wow look at her big azz, its the shiznit.

will: yeah, she got a badonka donk
by BLKBARBIE July 25, 2005
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1. An ass whose curvature is so intense that you can rest your beer on it.
2. A pair of buttocks so spherical that scientists could calibrate their instruments with them.
She had such a ba-donka-donk, I didn't know if I should rest my beer on it or calibrate my "instrument".
by Dr. Poon Tang, Ph.D. December 25, 2007
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