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“U ok hun” is the standard response from a lower-class British female on Facebook to a friend of the same ilk, usually in response to an attention-seeking / ambiguous statement.

Usually proceeded with a third female replying “pm me babes”.
Facebook status update: “SOOOO UPSET!! WORST DAY EVA”

Reply #1: “u ok hun”
Reply #2 “omg pm me babes”
by Mrmacho October 03, 2018

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Black woman's ass
Keep your eyes on my badonkadonk-donk
by Mrmacho May 13, 2017

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A very firm, concise and unambiguous way of dismissing someone, namely used in a social context and not suitable for the office. Retains a slightly friendlier tone than the sharper variant "fuck off", the latter of which should be used in scenarios where the conveyance of anger is key.
"Please wash the dishes"
"You can fuck right off".

Notice the subject matter here is most likely to be exchanged between persons with a preexisting relationship. If the offending party was a stranger, "fuck off" might be used instead.
by Mrmacho February 01, 2016

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A phrase used by generic, annoying youtubers at the start of every video to try and appear more popular and hence earn more money, usually affixed with “and hit that subscribe button”
“I’m gonna spend the first 5 minutes of this 10 minute video talking about how you all need to drop a like and hit that subscribe button, before I actually show you what you clicked on the video to see... because I’m as annoying as fuck”
by Mrmacho June 14, 2018

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The very slight and sexually arousing slit that appears when a woman is barely exposing just enough of her cleavage (also known as breasts, "titties", "honkers", "jugs") so as to entice straight men and lesbians. Can often be far more titilating (pun fully intended) than a woman exposing all her top half immediately.
"She was a saucy minx, but not a full on slapper. You could see just the right amount of tit slit"
by Mrmacho September 05, 2014

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Ordering dessert at a restaurant with a group of friends/co-workers, only to recoil in horror as the others all politely decline. The shame reaches new heights once your order arrives and you have to eat it amongst the hawk-like gaze of everyone else at your table.
The dessert shame really kicked in as the rest of the office sat down to watch my brownie- eating performance.
by Mrmacho June 20, 2015

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