Goodness gracious is an exclamation of excitement, surprise or frustration. It is a Southern term used primarily as a substitute for cursing, and as such it is a minced oath. Sweet little old ladies use this term a lot.
1. Goodness gracious, Tommy, clean up that room!
2. Goodness gracious, if you don't just look beautiful today, honey!
3. Goodness gracious, I have gas today something fierce.
by DallasDeckard January 27, 2011
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A feeling to show that you’re shocked. SIKE! Naw, it’s just a phrase to say anytime you fucking want.
Goodness gracious that was great

Oh damn goodness gracious

Simply: “goodness gracious”
by Resting_bitch_face September 22, 2019
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A southern phrase often heard in Georgia and throughout the southeast. Interchangeable with goodness gracious or wow.
Good gracious me it's hot in here!
by pizza rollzzz July 4, 2012
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Another way of saying, "I wan't to have sex with that/you." This is typically used in tenor gifs and spammed all over Discord.
Oh my goodness gracious, that pear has a buttcrack, lemme stick my penis in it.
by gameitornot July 10, 2021
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