BTR stands for Big Time Rush, TV show of Nickelodeon channel and same-name boyband. Also name of their first album
- Hey, do you like BTR?
- Yes, i love them!
by MissDMaslow October 24, 2011
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Example #1:

My brother is always happy despite our family being dirt poor and in heavy debt. He does nothing for us and only plays video games all day. He is twenty years old , obese and is not looking for a job. One day I had enough and punched him straight in the face and said: "BTR BITCH!"

Example #2:

In my delusional state I wrote a few definitions on the Urban Dictionary hoping that I will be immortalized by creating a very popular one but I later found out that all of them were turned down. When I asked my mother why, she told me to go BTR and get a job.
by Bankrupt_Spetsnaz September 14, 2017
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BTR: A type of slap, usually performed in a swift, powerful motion; and of the Backhand Method. Stands for Back To Reality. Used to combat delusion.
That Tan Queen needs a BTR because she thinks she is a princess; whereas in reality she is a chavvy slag.
by Strizzle May 16, 2006
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The term used to describe a man with incredible pulling powers toward the female race. He often has a magnet he can just turn on, and it attracts girls. He is all-rounded, and is known by BTR by many people who aspire to be like him. It is the highest of compliments to be known as a BTR.
"wow, that man just kissed 10 girls in 10 seconds!"
"incredible, that is a BTR if ever I've seen one."
by boiboi11 September 27, 2013
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BTR stands for "back to room." This term is used to explain a hook up (typically of the drunk college type) that begins in public and progresses to one of the participant's dorm/frat bedrooms. Typically, sexual acts more serious than kissing/making out occur when a couple enters a bedroom, so this term implies a more intense encounter than the simple "make out in public."

Origin: The Claremont Colleges, circa 2008. Large five college dance parties foster an atmosphere where both men and women will kiss/make out with multiple partners at a single dance party. Many of temporary couplings are not serious, but are still considered "hooking up." The term "back to room" entered conversation to describe the scenario when a couple actually left the dance party together to continue hooking up in a dorm room. Through very frequent use, it has simply become the acronym BTR.

BTR is most commonly used as a verb (see below).
Student 1: Yo! I heard you hooked up with _____ last night!

Student 2: Haha, yeah... We just made out on the dance floor (DFM) a bit, whatever.


Student 2: Yeah... We BTR'd and we're up until 4am.

Alternate Use: Yeah... We went BTR and we're up until 4am.
by pomona47 December 11, 2010
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BTR, circumstances became almost intolerable!
by Historiophile November 29, 2012
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