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Definition #1:

An excuse one will say after committing regrettable action.

Definition #2:

An explanation given by the accused when they are faced with severe consequences.
Example #1

A kid on a chatroom joked about blowing up a daycare. A week later, police storm his house and arrest him. When questioned why during interrogation, he said: "It was just a joke" and then he was sentenced to three years in prison.

Example #2

A drunk news anchor accidently says "nigger" during a leaked sex tape. When questioned by the public why did he say it, the anchor replied "it was just a joke" and was promptly fired from his job.
by Bankrupt_Spetsnaz September 16, 2017
Definition # 1

One who has a positive sentiment towards death.

Definition # 2

A label used by members of anti-aging, transhumanist, longevity, life extension, etc communities to identify those who are against said group's ideologies/goals pertaining to extending human life beyond the natural lifespan (curing aging, digital immortality, biological immortality, etc).
Example # 1

Transhumanist: Without life extension, I will not live long enough to visit new planets or experience the technological singularity.

Deathist: Why do you want to be immortal? Won't life become boring after 200 years? You will see all your loved ones die!

Example # 2

Deathist: Death brings meaning to life! Getting old is a beautiful thing. It makes us feel that our time is limited and pushes us to do great things!

Old man in wheelchair: Tell me more about what a beautiful thing aging is.
by Bankrupt_Spetsnaz November 26, 2020
When you do a small race with someone in a car on a regular road and drive ahead of them but then the driver of the car behind you, knowing they have lost, decides to use the nearest turn as if signifying that they did not want to race with you in the first place and they lost because they wanted to turn when in reality they are just trying to piss you off instead of accepting defeat.

Porsche Driver: Yo, I raced this one guy in a riced Honda civic and when I clearly got ahead of him, he immediately used the nearest turn.

Friend: He really pulled the loser turn on you, he could not accept defeat.


Ricer: Yo I raced this one BMW driver but they won so I immediately used the nearest turn to leave the road, you know, as if to give the message to the BMW driver that I was not really racing them. As if I am saying that I "lost" because I had to turn and the race was unfair because of that.

Friend: Dude, you really did pull the loser turn didn't you?
by Bankrupt_Spetsnaz April 21, 2016
Definition # 1

When multiple participants attempt to gain a limited resource.

Definition # 2

Something that is mostly good when you pay to see the participants, but something that is mostly bad when you participate to be paid.
Example # 1

John and Sam paid to see the football competition for their entertainment.

Example # 2

Joey could not win the essay competition for a college scholarship. Joey's early life is now ruined.

Example # 3

Being a programmer in the 90's was great. Twenty years later though, because of high competition, it no longer pays as well.
by Bankrupt_Spetsnaz June 1, 2020
Example #1:

My brother is always happy despite our family being dirt poor and in heavy debt. He does nothing for us and only plays video games all day. He is twenty years old , obese and is not looking for a job. One day I had enough and punched him straight in the face and said: "BTR BITCH!"

Example #2:

In my delusional state I wrote a few definitions on the Urban Dictionary hoping that I will be immortalized by creating a very popular one but I later found out that all of them were turned down. When I asked my mother why, she told me to go BTR and get a job.
by Bankrupt_Spetsnaz September 14, 2017
Pronounced as “eee-eee,” the EE is a place where Grag and his friends/followers hang out.
1. Anyone can come to the EE, just be chill with Grag
2. Grag kicked out John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt from the EE for not being funny and racist
by Bankrupt_Spetsnaz September 4, 2019