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Dance-floor makeout.
Do you even remember your DFM from last night? He was so hot!
by n8a March 19, 2010
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An expression of indifference and disassociation capable of being used in almost all contexts. Exceptionally useful to dispense with ones own cock ups and your own or another's dissapointments. "Doesn't Fucking Matter"
George passes out paraletic on the couch and while he snores he pisses in his pants. On waking he realises his wife will discover his embarresing moment and sighs,"DFM".

Ollie fights for hours to land a Roland Ward marlin and in the death throws of the epic fishing battle George bumps his rod, the line snaps and the enormous fish escapes. George, to appease his concience, to hide his shame and to lighten Ollie's dissapointment exclains:- "DFM".
by DFM January 08, 2008
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dfm is an acronym for the words “Don’t fucking matter”.

Also short for

“It don’t fucking matter/It doesn’t fucking matter”.

Used typically to display aggression and or annoyance over a topic that needed to be discussed but is no longer in conversation. However, dfm can also be used in a joking manner when in the correct context.
-serious/angry context-
A: “why did you leave the party so early?”

B: “it dfm”
A: “-rambles on-“

-joking context-
A: “why won’t you tell me what you’re hiding hm?”
B: “cuz it dfm 😂”
A: “If you say so aha
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by Valkyeie February 09, 2019
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“Down for most things
Nobody in this world is DFA.

DFM is the way to live your best life without regrets
by You’re welcome 123 December 31, 2018
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