Lets head to lunch, say 11:30? Nah, lets go at 11, BTR.
by SFC G-unit January 11, 2010
Btr means better.For MSN etc.
Whoah! Your hair looks btr!
by Miss_Baby_Pink! April 13, 2006

The BTR-152 is a Soviet APC. It was introduced in 1950. The roof has hatches to allow passengers to fire down onto outside enemies from atop the vehicle. It offers four and six wheel drive. It has been used in a number of countries.

Type: APC
Armament: 7.62 machine gun
Dimensions: length 6.55m; width 2.32m; height 2.41m
Payload: 2222kg
Speed: 65km/h
Range: 650km
Armor: 14mm
The BTR-152 is an armored personnel carrier.
by Rot April 7, 2005
When two guys do anal with the same girl at different times.
You do you fucked her in the butt too?! We're Brothers of the Road (BTRs)!!
by LD0Quatre February 16, 2014
Short for Big Time Rush believers, these are people who are based and know that Big Time Rush only put out bangers and anyone who disagrees isn't a believer.
These guys are BTR Believers, they're based.
by Haxor48 March 10, 2021
Beneficial Tanning Rays
Would you mind moving a couple steps down? You're blocking my BTRs.
by Walknchew June 9, 2022
Can be referred to as BTR or BTTR ( I’ve heard it both ways )

Butt thigh ratio or butt to thigh ratio.

This is used when a person feels the need to express their lack of attraction to another person because the other person has huge thighs and a flat ass. Or their butt is perfection, But that have no support so you worry about the endurance of that ass
Bass got a nice ass.

Nahhh his thighs are too big. That’s not prime BTR , thank you , NEXTTTT!
by Go away 3 January 30, 2021