Butt thigh ratio ( BTR) or used incorrectly BTTR butt to thigh ratio

Used to express lack of attraction to to disproportionate body parts
Bass ass is looking thiccc

But then thighs are too big though. That’s not prime BTR. NEXT
by Go away 3 January 30, 2021
greatest group to ever walk invaded, munchy and any cord.
ICC fag 1: bro BTR is full of larperz XDDD
BTR chad: never claimed harm ECKS DEE
by June 8, 2021
BTR, also known as Big Titty Raena. This midget with huge double D titties is nuts and known for her craziness by the amount of things she will do just by winning her in a game of cup pong.
BTR: wtf how did I lose?!
Guy: hah bitch now u gotta do what I say😏
BTR: okay do your worst👅
by Rooster808 June 17, 2017