BRB is an acronym most famously know to mean “BringRown Beer
Bubzy: Will the establishment that we are about to frequent furnish us with alcoholic beverages, or is it a “bring ‘rown beer” arrangement?

G: Yeah, it’s totes a BRB kinda place…
by Bring-Rown-Beer July 13, 2021
i'll be right back keep waiting since i won't be gone for long
by samkes July 2, 2007
This is simply a species that go by the name Velosó , there a wild animal and can usually be found in bags of rubbish that people ditch at the side of the road (dikes ) they are black and hairy and chubby
Omg did you see the BRB back there ?it’s black and hairy !
“Velosó “?”
by RabiSucks April 11, 2021
bring ripe baguettes; for le french revolution and robbing Safeways
hey u better BRB, cos marie is going down
by MasterFox48 December 18, 2019
Buckling-Restrained Brace, or a structural brace that is part of a system to keep a building up in an earthquake.
The architect likes the look of the BRB brace in the window.
by ngnr February 9, 2010
BRB has many different defenitions
1.Bathroom Break
2.Bitch Rite Back
3.Be Right Back
& mor
1.Chat Room
LUiS15:damn I gotta take da iLL dump.BRB.damn dat waz big.
MEGAN:eww...daz HOT.LOL.
2.Other Chat Room
ERiKA:Hei.Laura.Wat r yu duin
(5 MiN. Later)
3.Another Chat Room
MICHELLE:Hei Jordan.
MICHELLE:Oh.Hold on BRB.Mi mom is calling mi
by RAiSSA February 9, 2007
Most would imagine the BRB would be an acronym for "be right back" which in some cases is correct, however those on Exeweb would associate BRB as being someone who is a boring cunt that constantly moans.
Mike: I dont fancy going City today because the atmosphere will be shit and I'm fed up of Tisdale's negative tactics. Oh, and they an out of Bovril last week and the Pasties are abysmal.

Jeff: Oh come on Mike, stop being a BRB.
by Not a multi May 24, 2011