BRB is an emcee based in Canberra, Australia. Originally from New Jersey in the US. He has performed in the US, Russia, Finland and along Australia's eastern coastline with peeps like Brethren, The Truth, Winnie Coopers and Joel Turner.

He emerged in the Aussie hip hop scene in 2005 with the release of the 'We're Metaphysical' EP by his crew Metaphysical Combat. Since then BRB has branched out as a solo artist.

He is also a producer and founded an independent production company, Metaphysical Productions, in 2006.
It's the BRB smackin you like you were the fourth stooge
by MCDUST May 01, 2010
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This term is commonly misunderstood as "Be Right Back" where one individual in an online conversation has to leave for a certain amount of time during a good conversation.

This is actually wrong though, it has a very firm meaning of "Bringing Ryne Beer" and often times is heard daily.
Person #1: "So whats up?"
Person #2: "Hold on, BRB"
Person #1: "Isn't that his 4th beer today?"
Person #2: "Yes - hold on, you know he gets cranky if I don't bring it right away"
by Joseph Blackstone February 16, 2009
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Be Right Back.

You are online and someone sends you a IM but you dont want to talk. You say BRB, never reply again, eventually logout.
Person 1: yo lets play ball

Person 2: nahh

Person 1:WHY NOT

Person 2:...

Person 2: BRB

Person 1: ok

---30 minutes later---

Person 1: you playing or what?

---1 hour later---

Person 1: fuck this

Person 1 is offline.
by AssViolater September 10, 2010
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'Net chat slang, or "netiquette" for "be right back." The term does not, however, actually mean, "be right back." It is a segue euphemism for "get lost," "f*ck off," "I'm not interested in you," "never in a million years, you troll," etc. Used mainly in dating or sexually oriented chat.
Sure, I would love to meet up sometime. brb
by A. Hick November 05, 2006
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An acronym some of my friends use to say "Bye"
1: brb
2: ok
1 has just signed off
2: I thought so
by Felipe November 24, 2004
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Used by Dave to say he will be back in an hour or two.

*an hour passes*

"To HELL with your brb's, Dave >_<"
by Panich October 26, 2006
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brb is an acronym for Be Right Back.
People use it in online games and chatrooms mainly, teenagers use it when they really gotta jerk off, while younger kids use it when they must eat or they parents yell at them.
randomguy: uhm, brb!
randomgirl: leaving me? :<
randomguy: juts gon.nannfnps
randomgirl: what?
*Thypical guys when they write with one hand and having some fun with the other*

randomkid: BRB, XD
randomperson: okay, we'll wait.

*4 hours later*

randomperson2: FUCK!
randomperson: Come on guys, he'll probably be back soon, just wait plz
by gromuth November 27, 2007
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