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The protagonist of the Anime series Darker Than Black. He wears a bullet resistant overcoat and a white joker mask, using metal wires to latch on to and electrocute people with. Commonly referred to as the "Chinese Electric Batman".
"Dam nigga, did you see that? It's Batman!"
"Nigga, that ain't batman, that's just Hei, the Black Reaper, yo".
by Zero Virus September 30, 2009
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Also a Finnish way to say "hey." A pretty common one along the word "moi." Used also in a form of "Heippa", as a goodbye.
"Hei, kivahdä!" (Hey, nice to see you!)
"Heippa, näkyillään!" (Bye, see ya!)
by TurmionK September 27, 2012
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High-Explosive Incindiary
THe A-10's GAU-8 is capable of carrying many 30mm ammunitions, including DU and HEI rounds.
by SpaceMarine May 16, 2003
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Hei, noun deriving from the word 'shie'. Something that is far from decent, ie crap.
"Thats a pile of hei"
"Your chat is hei"
"Your mams hei"
by Mon'en February 15, 2008
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A way for fags who believe they are "tr00" or "krieg" to say hello. Usually used by non-norwegian/romanians therefore making them sound like complete tossers.
"Yo dude"
by Stu =D September 08, 2007
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