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Internet term that is like sorry, but is a little less meaningful.
Friend 1: Hey you forgot to text me earlier!!
Friend 2: soz, dude. I was busy.
by wassuhdude May 25, 2016
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Nonsensical internet slang term for "sorry", used by illiterate morons who for some reason substitute a โ€œzโ€ for โ€œrryโ€, the latter of which would take an entire quarter of a second to type out.
by exothermic June 25, 2006
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Slang for "sorry".
"Soz dude, I fucked up"
"OMG, soz, I 0wned your box."
"Soz for teh mess I made making dinner..."
by voiceinsideyou June 06, 2003
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The only appropriate way to say sorry; not just a word, but a way of life
Example 1:
Evan: Hey dude I had sex with your girlfriend, soz.
Victor: Don't worry about it

Example 2:

Conor: Hey I ran over your dog with my car, soz man
Curry: Its alright, I'll get a new one

Example 3:
Paul: Hey I burnt down your house with your entire family and pets inside, no one survived... soz bro
Jordan: No problem dude
by BOYETCHLES June 25, 2011
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