When you are dont want to talk to someone via (internet), you simply write (BRB) and you dont have to.
(Kate):Hey how you going!
(John):soz (brb).

(Megan fox): Hey lets hook up
Me: soz (brb).
by mc shagger October 21, 2010
The Originall "Bumpy Road Bonner!"
Got these a lot on fire road durning fire season. Boys get BRB's and women get BRS (Bumpy Road Secreations)
by Andog July 30, 2006
An abbreviation for "Be Right Back". Some people use it correctly and some use it as a substitute for leaving a conversation.
Correct Usage:
Ryan: so i saw this prosty in the street

Vinny: brb
Ryan: ooooooookee
-2 Minutes later-
Vinny: back, as you were saying?
Ryan: YAY!

Incorrect Usage:
Ryan: i farted and i could feel something warm in my pants :(
Smithy: brb
-Smithy doesn't return-
*1 hour later*
Ryan: smitheee?, you there?
by Mysta D September 28, 2010
brb means be right back. if someone says brb well... they will be right back i guess.
Brb Aaron. Im going to the bathroom

Brb i gotta get something
by Zystem March 21, 2022
"Be right back." No longer taken literally, people just say it when they are going to be gone for any amount of time, whether it be 20 seconds or 20 minutes.
Random person: brb
gs68: ok

<45 seconds later...>

gs68: Screw you! *leaves*

<2 hours later...>

Random person: back...hey were did dat fagot go
by gs68 December 22, 2004
Be right back soon.
A form of brb which implies a longer of period of awayness
by leangrysock April 17, 2011